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All requests are processed during the weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 9a.m. to 5p.m.


visiting policy


- to comply with safety and fire safety requirements
- not to leave children unattended
- to have a document proving identity and age
- to arrive in a timely manner
- to follow instructions given by the guide
- to care with respect Winery’s property

Reasons when provision of services can be refused:

- being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- smoking outside designated areas
- consuming alcohol or food products purchased elsewhere outside the Winery
- wearing swimsuits/swimming trunks or being shirtless
- being in dangerous proximity to production equipment and components without prior permission given by the guide
- interacting with technical equipment: turning levers, touching buttons
- bringing pets (regardless of the pet size)
- tasting and purchasing products by the visitors under the age of 18 years
- deviating from a tour route and lagging behind the group
- taking photographs or video records without approval from a guide
- hanging over railings, running around production premises
- making noise that can disturb other visitors.

In the event of the Skalisty Bereg Winery property damage, visitors (or their legally authorized representative) shall take full financial liability for the damage caused.

A system of separate collection of consumer waste is used on the territory of the Winery. When planning a tour, you can take with you old batteries, light bulbs and other types of difficult-to-recycle items.



Tour №1. Gravity

Exploring all levels of the gravity-flow winery including an introduction to the architecture, the company history and its philosophy, the features of the relict terroir of the Skalisty Bereg and modern wine production technologies. The tour includes tasting a selection of premium quality wines.

Tour programme:
• Walking along the vineyards
• Discovering the history of the Winery and brand philosophy
• Exploring unique terroir and vineyards
• Exploring all levels of the gravity-flow Winery and the technology of gravity-flow winemaking
• Visiting production premises and lines
• Visiting underground wine cellar
• Tasting a selection of premium quality wines


2500 rub.

tour duration

1,5—2 hours


5 wines

Tour №2.
Wine and stars

An extraordinary night tour through the gravity-flow winery will be ended where there is no gravity - in the space. We will bring it closer to you using a powerful telescope and show you the perfect landscape of the moon and distant planets with their mesmerizing details. The journey will be accompanied by the finest wines of the Skalisty Bereg Winery.

Tour programme:
• evening/night tour in the Winery
• night sky viewing using the Sky-Watcher Dob 12" Retractable SynScan GOTO Telescope. In the Northern Hemisphere this type of telescope can track thousands of objects in the deep space.
• An exciting lecture on space by Ruslan Ilnitsky, science popularizer and author of the book “How to Watch the Stars”.
• Tasting a selection of premium quality wines

Tour is confirmed the day before (Subject to good weather conditions and clear visibility)


5000 rub.

tour duration

2—2,5 hours


5 wines

lecture duration

1 hour

Wine shop

The Wine Shop of the “Skalisty Bereg” (“Rocky Shore”) – is a branded store located at the winery. It has the most complete assortment and manufacturer's prices. Small-batch wines can only be purchased in our Wine Shop.

We care for your time and comfort. In the Wine Shop you can buy high-quality glasses by the piece, sommelier knife and wine of the right serving temperature, in other words, everything that you need for a perfect wine walk through the winery.

• complete wine selection
• correct serving temperature for every type of wine
• gift and shipping packaging
• souvenirs of the “Skalisty Bereg” brand and our partners

opening hours

11:00 - 18:00


monday to sunday