The brand philosophy is formed by rethinking of historical heritage and delicate interlacing of the advanced technologies into the traditional winemaking methods. At the same time the Skalisty Bereg interprets differently the production of high-quality wines in the context of conscious consumption of natural resources.

The ecosystem approach is one of the most important strategy to preserve a unique terroir of the Skalisty Bereg (Rocky Shore) and protect environment.

The Skalisty Bereg Winery supports the Utrish Nature Reserve which is located in close proximity to the Winery. Its unique ecosystems are represented by relics preserved from the Tertiary period, in other words, even before the beginning of the last glacial period. The Reserve has the status of a key ornithological territory of Russia. The Utrish Nature Reserve is the habitat of the Nikolskii tortoise (Testudo Graeca Nikolskii) and other rare species of animals listed in the Red Book.

All information and printed marketing materials of the Skalisty Bereg are made from partially or completely recycled paper.

Our branded bags and scotch tapes are made from biodegradable materials.

On the back labels of our wines you will find information on the optimal way of disposing any empty bottle. All bottles that are poured at tastings within the winery, after thorough processing, are usually reused.