Gravity-flow winemaking excludes mechanical impact allowing wine to be moved more gently under the action of gravity. To design this type of wineries it is needed to construct a specific decline and high ceilings. And all these unique features have been taken into account while designing a three-level winery. At the top level there is a grape reception area. At the lower level there is a wine production. Architecture of the gravity-flow winery is integrated into the hillside and gone underground where there are located both wine storage and aging areas as well as wine bottling lines.

The principal of the architectural concept is an idea on winery location – merging of landscape and the sea Alexander Balabin


Irina Yakovenko

operations director

Irina Yakovenko is a Head of agronomical department, production and laboratory. In other words, Irina takes full responsibility for the wine from the grapevine to the bottles on the shelf. And there is no surprise that wines of the Skalisty Bereg Winery contain traits of her character – same elegance, courage and noblesse.

Kirill Bardakov

chief winemaker

A young and ambitious specialist, innovator and explorer. Kirill is having his unique approach. He follows postmodern canons, gives a new meaning to a wine classics and recreates it considering modern human needs and demands.

Elizaveta Fomina

wine technician

Having Master's degree in fermentation science and wine production, Elizaveta is the one of the finalists of the Young Winemaker Competition “Molodaya Loza”. She is systematically studying and exploring main global wine producing regions. However, Elizaveta is much more inspired by Italian art, culture and the aesthetics of wine.